Snowy Mountain artisan cheeses are handcrafted from Sheep milk and some from a sheep and Guernsey cow milk blend. The sheep milk is from our French Lacaune dairy ewes and our Icelandic purebreds. These animals are known for their production of high protein and fat content thereby making the finest cheeses. Our cow milk comes from a friend’s Guernsey cow herd also known for their richer fat and protein content.

Our sheep milk is pasteurized then cultured to produce curds and whey. Depending on the type of cheese being produced the curds are handled in various ways. Soft ripened cheeses are gently ladled into molds to drain and then placed in salt brine baths, then carefully transferred to curing racks where they are turned daily. Different cheeses are aged different lengths of time. The bries being the shortest the hard rinds being up to a full year.

Our cheeses are carefully aged and turned according to the type of cheese being produced. When aging is complete they are hand wrapped in a special clear plastic wrapping designed for holding cheese and labeled with our blue pretty girl ewe label.

Our Blue cheeses are both made of 100% sheep milk and named for the high rocky mountain peaks of Utah. Our Delano Peak Blue is a full bodied blue to the firm but creamy side of a blue. Lots of flavor with this blue winds through the veins of the ripened rounds averaging 13 ounces in weight. Delicious with fruits such as fresh apples or pears, also delightful with your favorite berry jams.

Our Mount Timpanogos baby blue is a “timid” blue for beginners and the highly developed palate, an absolute delight to the taste buds. It is more of a creamy brie consistency veined with a touch of blue. Try this favorite of mine spread on a fresh sliced baked baguette with a spot of light honey on top. Or enhance with toasted hazelnuts, slivered almonds, or walnut honey compote. This blue will delight everyone’s palate.

Kings Peak Cheese is a 50/50 blend of Lacaune sheep and Guernsey cow milk. This smear rind cheese has the characteristic of a Fontina cheese; it is great for slicing and dicing and it melts very well. Kings Peak is aged for about three months!


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