For the love of Cheese… that is the reason for Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery. Established in 2010 as the first dairy sheep operation in the state of Utah. We design European artisan cheeses handcrafted from the famous French Lacaune, East Freesian and Icelandic dairy sheep breeds grazed on high mountain pastures in the heart of ski country in Eden, Utah. Our handcrafted sheep cheeses consist of delicate and delightful camembert style brie, a rich and smooth classical bleu cheese, a hard rind Mountain Tomme, and a smooth Danish style Fontina aged through our winter months high in the Rocky Mountains. Stig Hansen, the Viking chef, author of “Cooking Danish” is our cheese maker extraordinaire. Purchase our cheeses on online or visit these fine stores. Checkout our BLOG and Press Releases for the latest Snowy Mountain News.

StigOur lovely flock consists of the famous French Lacaune dairy sheep known for their high protein and buttery rich milk, and East Freesians known for high volume production. We also breed and raise purebred Icelandic sheep known as the “triple purpose sheep,” with fabulous fleeces, wonderful delicate meat, and rich milk production. Susan Hansen is the shepherdess, taking pride in the outstanding health and well being of this naturally fed and very pampered flock. We lambed 84 “Good Doin” lambs successfully during our first season.

In addition to our flavorful, healthy cheeses we offer our Icelandic and Icelandic cross fleeces for sale. Just hit “The Fiber” tab above to see our stock and the fleeces currently available for sale, along with roving. There is nothing like the fiber produced by the Icelandics. We have a multitude of colors from our beautiful girls.

We have delicate lamb meat available on the hoof locally or frozen lamb available for shipment year round.

lamb and eweWe also have seed stock now available for sale. Because we want to see the sheep dairy industry established in the United States from the best stock only, we sell only the finest animals with the highest conformation ratings for breed stock. The genetic lines are available with each animal. Our Icelandic ewes, rams and lambs are registered livestock. The French Lacaunes and East Freesian genetics are readily available. Our rams come from the first rams brought into the U.S through the Spooner Research Center at University of Wisconsin.

Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery also provides educational opportunities to our local schools, FFA groups and 4-H clubs. We work with Utah State University and also will be working with the Graduate School of Agriculture in Purpan, France, offering graduate students hands-on experience. Contact Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery for details.

Please explore our web site, visit us in Eden, enjoy our wonderful products, and make it a good day!


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