Lamb Meat For Sale

Our lamb is now selling for $5.50 per pound, with a $40 processing fee. Snowy Mountain lamb is pasture grass fed and is free of hormones and antibiotics. Simply, the most tender and delicious lamb you will ever taste. We do not grain our lamb so it does not have the thick yellow fat, creating a mutton flavor. Our lambs are kept whole or intact! No castrating or tail docking. This is a very unnecessary practice and creates a better lamb with more meat muscle due to the normal testosterone that should be in a lamb.

Our lambs are processed at 110-120 lbs. This means the cut,wrapped and labeled lamb finished weight is 45 to 55 lbs. We invite everyone to delight in this delicate and top quality lamb for their most special occasions for home and family! We sell lamb by the whole or half, fully wrapped and labeled. Call us today at 801-745-0388 or or use the "Sheep and Farm Inquiries" contact form to email us.

Cut Lamb - Standard Package

1 Rack, full                                                         
9-12 Rib Chops, 3-4 per package
8-10 Loin Chops, 3-4 per package
8-10 Sirloin Chops, 3-4 per package
1 Leg of Lamb, boneless
1 Leg of Lamb, bone-in
4 Shank, 2 front & 2 hind
1 Shoulder, boneless for roast
5-6 Shoulder Steaks
3-4 Ground Lamb, 1 pound package
3-4 Lamb Stew, 1 pound package
Riblets, 2 packages
Bones, for soup stock, 2 packages
1 liver
1 heart