Snowy Mountain Sheep Farm was created from the dreams of delicate, delightful, udderly delicious artisan sheep cheeses. We are located in a pristine Rocky Mountain Valley of Eden, Utah, which is noted for its downhill ski resorts, lake fishing, hiking, biking, and its focus on retaining the beauty of the natural environment.

Our adventure began in the summer of 2009 as we planned our vacation to see sheep farms! Yes, that’s right, sheep farms located in NY, VT, OH and PA. We set up our tour to include Icelandic sheep breeders, the triple purpose sheep, and the artisan sheep cheese producing dairy farms. Our tour was outstanding as these wonderful sheep people welcomed us openly and shared all they could about their own stories into their world of sheep. Little did we know a few short months later we would receive a call from the owner of Dancing Lambs in NY saying that she needed to divest herself of her flock due to serious health issues. As we found most owners carry great pride and attachment to their flocks, she wanted to sell them as a family, a flock, and not parcel them out individually. This was not like us to be so impulsive. Our plan was to keep educating ourselves, buy a few animals, learn for the next five years and then, jump in.  However, we learned good disease-free dairy sheep are not abundantly available in the US and are difficult to purchase and transport.

Thus the birth of Snowy Mountain Sheep Farm was placed in front of us. 
We had the girls and their guys shipped from NY State to Eden, Utah at
Thanksgiving of 2009.

The girls were bred shortly after arrival and our very first twin lambs were born April 23rd of 2010. Two beautiful Icelandic purebred babies named Genevieve and Jean Pierre. A week later we had lambs dropping as if from Heaven as the French Lacaune dairy ewes and Icelandics were quite prolific, excellent lambers and terrific mothers! We were thrilled, and 84 lambs later, we were done and on our way to the milking parlor. We leave our lambs with their mothers for 30 to 60 days  and have very healthy and happy animals. They live on lush mountain pastures and produce rich creamy milk from which my dear husband Stig produces our delicate, delightful and udderly delicious cheeses.

We welcome all to come and visit the farm. Experience the animals, the abundant wildlife that surrounds us, our two Great Pyrenees who love the lambs, and purchase the finest cheeses we can bless the earth with.


BailyBailey hard at work
DogsSasha and Kenai
Sue with LambThe Shepherdess with a Lamb

Udderly Delicious!Udderly Delicious!

I want in too!I want in too!

Milking TimeMilking Time

Farm view

View from the Farm


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