BingOur original flock consists of six Icelandic Purebred ewes and one Purebred Icelandic ram, forty six Franch Lacaune, and East Freesian ewes and three French Lacaune dairy rams. We now have 130 ewes, lambs and rams in our disease free flock. Our lambs remain with their Mothers for a minimum of 30 days and thereby are very hardy and set for a healthful and productive life. One of our many goals is to produce top genetic and disease free animals as seed stock for others desiring to get into the rewarding lifestyle of sheep dairying and artisan cheese and yogurt making. And don’t forget the ice cream!

If any of you are allergic to cow dairy like I am, sheep products are perfect for you!!

Enjoy the photos of our animals, and if you are interested in purchasing stock or just exploring the world of sheep dairy please contact, Sue or Stig at 801-745-0388.

Our dairy sheep are very prolific lambers and heavy milkers. Our flock is free of scrapies free, OPP, hoof rot and blue tongue.  

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Dairy EweLife is good!
TwinsOur first born twins at Snowy Mountain Sheep Farm
Pasture FedPasture Fed
RainbowsRainbows of promise at Snowy Mountain Sheep Farm

The girlsThe girls with Jean Luc, a dairy breed ram