Lamb, Wonderful Lamb
By Stig and Sue Hansen
December 2011

Lamb is also known as the other red meat!  When thinking about your holiday meals and the long winter ahead, think about lamb.  Lamb is a prime source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals. Lamb protein is nutritionally complete, with all eight essential amino acids in the proper ratios.  A 3-ounce serving of lamb provides 43% of an adult male’s recommended daily allowance of protein.  Lamb is high in B vitamins, zinc, and iron.  For those watching their carbohydrate intake, lamb has zero carbs.

Lamb is one of the richest sources of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  CLA possesses unique and potent antioxidant activity.  The meat from a sheep under a year of age is considered lamb meat.  These are not the cute little newborn lambs you see bouncing around the pasture with Mom.

At Snowy Mountain Sheep Farm and Creamery, our lambs are weaned at thirty days and moved into their own pasture environment for the next 7 to 11 months.  These lambs are carefully grass fed and watered with no hormones, graining, or antibiotic usage.  When they reach a weight of 110 to 120 lbs., they are at an ideal weight for becoming a sweet red meat fit for the finest gourmet meal.

Snowy Mountain’s lambs are hand cut locally by Nathan Bingham at his new butcher shop in Morgan.  Nathan’s expertise adds to the quality of the meat due to the delicate handling and correct cutting.  Nathan will cut to order or you may request our standard package.

The flavor of the lamb grown here in Ogden Valley is very delicate and pure.  Our lamb is requested by the finest Park City chefs.

We encourage all to eat local, eat well, live long, and laugh often.  Try our wonderful lamb and experience some of the finest cuisine available from here in the Ogden Valley.

Don’t forget our primary business of artisan cheese making.  Enjoy our delectable cheeses available at the farm by appointment.  In addition, some of our unique cheeses are also available at the Valley Market.

Give us a call for your holiday order at 801-745-0388.  Gift-box purchases are also available upon request.


AwardSnowy Mountain Sheep Creamery takes Best in Class at U.S. Cheese Championship

Eden, Utah---- March 10th----2011 Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery, Utah’s first dairy sheep operation took  Best in Class award, with their Timpanogoes Peak timid blue cheese in the bloomy rind sheep cheese category at the United States Cheese Making Championship held in Wisconsin this week.

Timpanogoes Peak has rapidly become a Utah favorite with its delicate white bloomy rind, rich and creamy brie like consistency, with just a hint of blue, creating a delightfully palatable cheese.  This cheese is handcrafted from the milk of the Hansen’s French Lacaune dairy ewes in Eden, Utah. The milk comes from healthy ewes fed the finest feed to produce high quality milk for cheese making. The milk is then transformed into this beautiful healthful artisan cheese that is then aged right on the farm.

The Strawberry Peak Alpine cheese also placed in the competition in the cow and sheep blended cheese category. This cheese is a smear rind cheese with a melt in your mouth buttery, nutty flavor.  It is popular with the best of cheese connoisseurs.
The Hansen’s suggest serving these cheeses with fine fruits such as pears, apples or grapes. Also a nice fresh baked bread compliments the cheeses along with your finest selection of red wines.

The cheese maker is Stig Hansen, chef and author of the award winning cookbook, Cooking Danish. After over thirty years as a chef and corporate chef he now resides in Eden with his wife Susan who is the flock shepherdess. They may be contacted through or by calling them at 801-745-0388, or 801-891-2355.                                                                       

Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery, Eden, Utah
By Stig and Sue Hansen
March 2011

For the love of cheese, good health, and each other—that is the why Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery was established last year as Utah’s first dairy sheep operation.  Local agriculture support has been a passion for us for many years and now we are a part of our local agri community.

The last twenty years for us was made up of being a part of corporate America—rarely having time for each other, and always on the road to somewhere . . . except home.  Now we are home at last.  We are at home here at Snowy Mountain Sheep Farm and Creamery with our dancing lambs and our two Great Pyrenees guardian dogs Sasha and Kenai.

Some may ask, why dairy sheep?  Well, first, who can resist our sweet sheep that are so docile and so distinct with their individual personalities?  They are cleaner than cows, and more economically and environmentally friendly as well.  Their manure is used for fertilizing a local berry farm, and the whey from the cheese is used to feed a local farmer’s piglets.  Our sheep produce the healthiest milk in the world.  Yes, sheep milk and sheep-milk products are the very best for the human body.

For thousands of years, sheep milk has been the dominant source of dairy in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and in Europe. Virtually no one is allergic to sheep milk!  On our website you can click on the health tab and learn about the qualities that make sheep products the superior dairy choice.  For example, sheep milk has twice the protein of cow’s or goat’s, and the mineral and vitamin content is most often twice as high.  This quality milk shines through in the delectable artisan cheeses produced here on the farm.

Try our bloomy rind 100% sheep cheeses, and, yes, you eat the rind!  Creamy, buttery, nutty, melt-in-your-mouth cheeses would be a subtle description of the bloomy rind cheeses.  They come in brie, timid blue brie, and a distinct blue cheese.  Try them with fresh fruit such as sliced pears, apples, or red grapes.

Our smear rind cheeses are for the very distinguished palette, and are the love of our restaurant chefs from Park City to Salt Lake City; they all love our King’s Peak and Strawberry Peak blended milk cheeses of cow and sheep milk. Slice into a Strawberry Peak round and experience a true European Alpine cheese.

All of our cheeses are named for the high rocky mountain peaks of Utah.  Our label was created with a photo of one of our top producing ewes named Bailey, and the mountains behind her are the views our dancing lambs look at every day.  Oh, to be a sheep at Snowy Mountain Sheep farm and Creamery!

Stig’s thirty-plus years as a European trained chef from Denmark reveals his culinary talent that he has transformed into creating truly fine cheeses.  His delicate handling of our highly prized sheep milk and then properly aged cheese is a truly unique gift.

Susan’s background, having grown up in the cow dairy area of North East Pennsylvania as a child and young woman, shines through in the care and nurturing of these top-quality French Lacaune ewes.  Terrific genetics and outstanding nutrition creates unsurpassed quality milk. Clean milk, full of the components necessary for creating fine cheese is a key critical success factor.  All milk is not created equal, and we will not settle for any inferior product.

Our ewes have the finest pastures made up of a unique blend of grasses, legumes, and alfalfa located high in the Rocky Mountains—an area very similar to the Alps.  In the snowy winter months, the girls are served up twice daily the highest grade of quality hay grasses and baled alfalfa, which is tested for purity and quality nutrition.  Only the best for the best!

Treat yourself, your family, and friends to truly the finest cheeses; try sheep cheese from right here at Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery located in Eden, Utah.

You will be surprised and delighted by what our dancing lambs provide in the way of a great, flavorful culinary experience as well as great health benefits.

Remember . . . support your local producers, and here’s to your health!  BAAH!



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